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Шкиль требует вот Огрызко ответить на территориальные претензии Румынии

МИД Украины не адекватно реагирует на угрозу со стороны Румынии, которая претендует на украинский остров Змеиный. Как раз эта ситуация похожа на предательство национальных интересов.


В будущем парламенте расписание будет очень простым - БЮТ, ПР и, скорее всего, коммунисты и Литвин", - сообщил 9 сентября во время пресс-конференции во Львове народный депутат Украины от БЮТ Андрей Шкиль.

"Наша Украина" не вернется в коалицию, даже если БЮТ совершит массовый суицид, - нардеп


Oпитування: Какой вопрос вас в настоящий момент больше всего волнует?

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Waxworks show of „Alive for ever”

Andrij Shkil

1934 the Soviet power destroyed the St. Michaelъs Golden-domed Cathedral (Mykhaylivskyi Zolotoverhyi Sobor), that was build up in ХІІ century by the grandson of  Yaroslav I the Wise prince Sviatopolk. It is said, that it was in fact only general rehearsal before destruction of other „Opium- breeder for people” - Saint Sophia Cathedral. Sophia was saved because of titanic efforts which were spent for destruction of St. Michaelъs Cathedral – sometimes it would be better not to destroy „The old world totally” but  to let it alone.

The other variant for extermination of pre-proletarian values was in opposition to them new fables, heroes and marasmic quantity of monuments to these fables and heroes. In most cases we can not get rid of them till now. But we should get rid – new wine do not poor out in old wine-skins, new state do not build up in unsafe proximity to materialized in stone, marble or gypsum   phantoms of the past.

Somebody, who understood it in proper time, get down to business radically.  The Estonians took away from the centre of their capital the monument to directed by Moscow “liberators“. No, did not destroy even, but only deported in outskirts. The place for old gods (if this word is appropriate there) is on margines. But Kiev is not Tallinn, so by us the bronze monument of Lenin is till now on Shevchenko boulevard and smiles slyly on the „red“ festivals to real leniners, hired members of the Komsomol and puppet pioneers.

It is still early for Ukrainians to recover from prolonged to seven ten years disease – so moderate native peace-makers say.  The Ukrainians do not have the right to their own opinion – especially if it is not coordinated with the Kremlin - the neighbouring state reminds us. Moscow becomes indignant about the solution of  the town soviet in Lviv, that decided to create а committee for making а list of monuments of previous regime that are subjects to dismantling. It becomes indignant active, loudly and busily. Through own Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other digestive apparatus that had no time to digest aesthetically intentions and plans of others.

Though that, what Russia calls with the word “scoffing” is really desire to get rid of the last symbols of voluntary-forced brotherly care from the side of the former USSR. Of the care and control – including for decisions that community in Lviv takes in the person of local authority. Everything, that is taking а place in Lviv or another Ukrainian city, is not business of Russia in no way. Only that the last pretends on sickles and hammers that will dismantle on Galytshina. Or on letters „USSR“ that are suggested to consign to oblivion in Lviv. These four letters Moscow can take to itself. And with them – wherever it wishes. Only as far as possible from the affairs that do not concern it.

Bad is only that Verhovna Rada of Ukraine protects the symbols of occupation regime, to which Ukraine had rendered so awful and bloody tribute.
„There is а Russian spirit, there is smell by Russia“- this quoting of а famous classic was never so appropriate as in the case with dissolved by Yushchenko Parliament. For assistance in dismantling of soviet monuments а communist Adam Martyniuk promised from the platform of Verhovna Rada to dissolve the Lvivskij town soviet.

From these words it was hardly frightful to somebody. Rather – shameful. Shameful for vice-speaker of Ukrainian Parliament, for the Parliament, for the State and for its capital, after all. For the capital of independent Ukraine where until now there is Radjanska-street, Radjanskij alleyway, Radjanska Ukraine avenue, Revolution street, 40 years of October avenue and 50 years of October and three Govtneva (Oktober) streets.

That is not all. There are some streets that are named in honor of soviet holidays or sign for the propaganda of those times events – Travneva street, Comintern street, Proletarska street, January rebellion street. What concerns the last one, so it was once а subject on TV: mini- inquiry of the Kievers about their interpretation of the words “January rebellion”, who rose in rebellion? When? Against whom? The respondents of Tv-men did not know it openly. Under the name the authors meant а clash of the workers of the factory “Arsenal” (disposed to Bolshevistic manner) with the forces of Ukrainian National Republic and Central Rada in January 1918. This famous event could not be immortalized in Kiev toponymy.
Did somebody make thoughts about what how much Lenin streets are in Kiev? Only one from them was renamed in Bogdan Chmelnickij street, the rest is hardly to recount on а map – one Lenin street is in every from three Borshagiwka (Mykilska, Sofijska and Petropavliwska). There are also Lenin street in Troyeshina (in it spilled fluent over Karl Marx street), Lenin street in Ghuljany (that also adjoins Karl Marx street), Lenin street in Bortnitshy (it is hardly believable, but Karl Marx street borders also there upon it), there is Engels street, not to mention about Krupskaja street, Communist street, Sverdlov street, Frunze street, General Vatutin street, Artem street, Bljuher street, Tukhachevsky street, Voroshilov street, Yakir street or Tshelyuslinzy street. But before recounting of the friends and brothers-in-arms of the leader of the Kremlin, it is worth to mention in the end Illitsh street and Volodymir Uljanov street and alleyway. That is all probably with Lenin.

What concerns the nonintersecting soviet commanders, figures of Communist Party, various fighters against “Banderiwska rabble”, organizers of Golodomor (famine) and extermination of Ukraine (every from them won а street and а monument in it or even
а memorial tablet), so а Waxworks show of these persons would take а big place. This place they are not worth. This will be sufficient that without them the city map gleams with places of delicate color and content – so it is hard to go for а walk in Kiev and do not wander into Tshervonyj or Tshevonogvardijskij, or Tshervonozavodskij, or Tshervonotkazkij, or in the end Tshervonozorjanyj avenue.

And if we should recount further, so it is worth to mention one another figure: from the August of 1991 16 years will soon pass – so old the independent Ukraine will be just, that was free from imperial nets, but could not get out of the heaps of  soviet power. That is probably the really „scoffing“.

Actual events

On March 30, 2007 the Standing Delegation of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine met with the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO J. Lello that was in Kiev taking part in а round-table discussion on the high level concerning the role of the Parliament in the sphere of national security and defense.



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