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Шкиль требует вот Огрызко ответить на территориальные претензии Румынии

МИД Украины не адекватно реагирует на угрозу со стороны Румынии, которая претендует на украинский остров Змеиный. Как раз эта ситуация похожа на предательство национальных интересов.


В будущем парламенте расписание будет очень простым - БЮТ, ПР и, скорее всего, коммунисты и Литвин", - сообщил 9 сентября во время пресс-конференции во Львове народный депутат Украины от БЮТ Андрей Шкиль.

"Наша Украина" не вернется в коалицию, даже если БЮТ совершит массовый суицид, - нардеп


Oпитування: Какой вопрос вас в настоящий момент больше всего волнует?

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Andrij Shkil was born at the 26-th of November 1963 in Lviv. Andrij became early adult  - he was twelve, when his family lost the father. His mother had а lot of work, therefore Shkil being youth should become fully self-dependent. He read much at that time. As before he liked to do what was forbidden, for example, he got acquainted with verses from the “undesirable” in the school course Russian literature by Yesenin. At the same time he was keen on sport: in the school he was going for in wrestling, later in judo. Another Shkil´s passion in youth was cinema. “The cinemas in Lvиv were Mecca for me”, – he admits.

1981 Shkil completed the secondary school №1 in Lvиv. 1981- 1989 he was а student of Medical institute in Lvиv. The study should be interrupted for а certain time because of the lack of money, and 1983-1984 he is working as а loader of finished production of industrial union “Progress”. The next page in his biography is getting of the second high education, journalistic, in the Lvиv National Franco-university. 1992 he got married а Lviverin Zoryana Garbar.

The 1991 year: achievement the independence by Ukraine – the moment of truth that concerned the fate of everyone, and Skil´s fate too. At the 19-th of 1991 – at the day when the putsch was started in Moscow – Shkil with his associates drew in his flat in Lvиv the plan for Lvиv defense from Soviet tanks. From this intense to defend himself his own State, the idea and the aim UNSO – Ukrainian national self-defense - was born.

But Andrij Shkil drew into the vortex of political life before 1991. He took actively part at the creation of Union of nationalistic Ukrainian youth (SNUM) that grew later in the Ukrainian Interparty Assembly (UMA), and still later – in the Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA). The description about ten and more years that Shkil gave the UNA-UNSO could be expressed in an epopee. “I remember with pride that time when alight with thirst for creation, without any support, under heavy fire of criticism we went with confidence to а legend – vivid and lively”, – he will write.

Andrij Shkil passed with UNA-UNSO everything what this „Vivid and lively legend“ should gone through – including the war in Pridnestrovje from where Shkil had returned with the medal “For defence of Pridnestrovje” (it has been withdrawn by SBU ten years later during the search). At the same time the beginning of the 90-th years was very productive for him as for а journalist. In the 1991-1995 years he was publishing а newspaper “The voice of the nation” when he was working as an editor-in-chief, later he was the head of an economics-political journal. Since 1999 Andrij Shkil is an officially elected leader of UNA-UNSO.

After the well-known for all Ukraine events at the 9-th of March 2001 Shkil was putting into the prison, accused of „the organization of the mass disorders” (in such а way SBU called the protesting appearances of the opposition against Kutschma). His prison long ordeals made up nine months of the single imprisonment in investigation jail of SBU and another four month of pre-trial confinement  Andrij Shkil spent in Luk’yanowka-prison in Kiev.

During the detention in one of the military offices Shkil was put on the rack – he got to а prison with serious head and spine injuries. Protesting against the closed court process Shkil with other defendants went on hunger-strike. He succeeded in going without foot during 39 days but this protest was nearly the last – Shkil got in coma state in prison hospital.

At the 31-th of March 2002 34150 of electors of 121-th Gorodockij constituency voted for the political prisoner Andrij Shkil. The victory of Shkil in those parliamentary elections was accompanied by considerable isolation from his rivers - represents of the party “For united Ukraine!” and “Our Ukraine”. At the same time special engaged for this mission persons took the power in UNA-UNSO what led to its split into many small branches and thus – to complete destruction. 2002 Shkil as а parliamentarian got а member of opposition group Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko and two years later he was а member of the party “Batkiwshina” and was elected to the staff of its political council.

In the elections-2006 Andrij Shkil took the 13-th place in electoral roll of BYT and got for the second time а national deputy of Ukraine. He is now а vice-president of parliamentary international business committee. Rewarded with an order of Jaroslav Mudriy of the III degree, diploma of Werhovnaya Rada of Ukraine, „Honorary title“ of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, laureate of the All-ukrainian action „Leader of public confidence“ in nomination «Knight of national idea» and he is а President of the International Nongovernmental Organization "Fund  Ukrainian - European Initiatives". He speaks Polish, Russian and English. He is keen on tennis, hockey, classical music.

Actual events

On March 30, 2007 the Standing Delegation of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine met with the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO J. Lello that was in Kiev taking part in а round-table discussion on the high level concerning the role of the Parliament in the sphere of national security and defense.



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