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Шкиль требует вот Огрызко ответить на территориальные претензии Румынии

МИД Украины не адекватно реагирует на угрозу со стороны Румынии, которая претендует на украинский остров Змеиный. Как раз эта ситуация похожа на предательство национальных интересов.


В будущем парламенте расписание будет очень простым - БЮТ, ПР и, скорее всего, коммунисты и Литвин", - сообщил 9 сентября во время пресс-конференции во Львове народный депутат Украины от БЮТ Андрей Шкиль.

"Наша Украина" не вернется в коалицию, даже если БЮТ совершит массовый суицид, - нардеп


Oпитування: Какой вопрос вас в настоящий момент больше всего волнует?

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Actual events: More

Meeting of the Standing Delegation of the Verhovna Rada ofukraine
in the Parliamentary Assembly  NATO with the Head
of the Parliamentary Assembly  NATO

On March 30, 2007 the Standing Delegation of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine met with the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO J. Lello that was in Kiev taking part in а round-table discussion on the high level concerning the role of the Parliament in the sphere of national security and defense. The national deputies of Ukraine G. Illyashov (the Head of Delegation), L. Gnatenko (Vice-head of Delegation), W. Gorbal, W. Kelestin, Y. Samojlenko, A. Shkil (Members of Delegation) were participants in this meeting.
The Head of the Parliamentary Assembly, emphasizing the high importance for bilateral relations of this visit to Ukraine, drew attention to willingness of the Parliamentary Assembly to render assistance for our state in solving of many inner problems. At the same time, in opinion of J. Lello, а national experience of his country (Portugal) could be very essential. This country had а similar way of inner transformations including reforms of the whole security sector that did not meet enough the standards of the member states of Alliance. Portugal as а full valued member of this organization can share today its experience with other countries especially which object is to enlarge the circle of member countries of NATO. The Head of the Parliamentary Assembly stressed separately that only Ukraine can take а proper decision and an interest concerning its progress in the context of а strengthening dialog with NATO.
At the same time the Member of the Standing Delegation A. Shkil marked that he takes an actual visit of the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO as а new impulse in the parliamentary interaction between Ukraine and NATO which is especially necessary at the last time. It becomes apparent first of all in the availability of such acute psychological problem as the attitude of Ukrainian people to NATO – low level of national support of the course for entering of Ukraine into Alliance. On the opinion of the national deputy the most effective method for changing of this situation could be а general consolidated declaration of the President of Ukraine, the Prime-minister and the Head of the Verhovna Rada of support the entrance of the state into NATO. That could also change cardinally а corresponding index of the public support.
At present time this theme remains mostly а target of political speculations.  It shows itself by stoppage of а military training in Crimea where not only marginal political forces, but also the representatives of the present ruling coalition were involved. An intensive dialog between the government and parliament on this question takes on special significance nowadays. Proceeding with the theme of training that was last year а member of the Standing Delegation Y. Samojlenko emphasized that а formal ground for the mentioned protests was а legal gap: а proper decree of the President of Ukraine was not ratified with а necessary act of the Verhovna Rada. He also expressed his confidence that this situation will not be repeated in the current year as the Verhovna Rada will settle legislative this question in the near future.

Besides, Y. Samojlenko had his say about the necessity of strengthening of practice of NATO in Ukraine especially directed to the utilization of solid rocket fuel which resources pose nowadays а threat for the people in Dnipropetrowskij region.

In the process of opinion exchange the Ukrainian side opens а problem of placing of USA the elements of anti-missile defence on the territory of the countries of Central Eastern Europe – members of NATO. Concerning this subject the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO said that this question is а matter for bilateral relations between single members of Alliance, but not а decision of the organization itself. It is up till now ambiguous in NATO.
For coming to а qualified determination of Alliance concerning this matter more time and especially information is needed. J. Lello expressed his confidence that the decision of NATO will be appropriate as this organization is responsible for security in the North-atlantic expanses and owning to it the Europe lives without war during 60 years that is unexampled in the history.

In conclusion the sides came to an agreement to proceed with the dialog in direct contacts and in the framework of participation of the Standing Delegation in work of forums of the Parliamentary Assembly, the nearest session should take place on March in the current year in Portugal.

Actual events

On March 30, 2007 the Standing Delegation of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine met with the Head of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO J. Lello that was in Kiev taking part in а round-table discussion on the high level concerning the role of the Parliament in the sphere of national security and defense.



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